Haldi Mehndi

Quirky Decors with Painted buckets

Nowadays, Decors for Mehendi, Haldi, and Photobooth are not just limited to old Genda Phool or floral backdrops, they are much more fun with new quirky decor elements like tassels, dream catchers, painted buckets, glass bottles, tea kettles, tyres, etc.

So, today we are going with painted buckets, which is one among them that gives a hatke look and adds so much fun to the entire decor.

Can’t wait to have them in your decor? So, scroll down here for some awesome inspiration.

Painted Buckets at their best by Eventalya.

Creative entrance by Eventalya.

Eventalya-Delhi based Management Company has perfectly used this painted buckets, that are actually quite a hit.

Buckets with Marigold by Abhinav Bhagat Events

Inverted Buckets by Abhinav Bhagat Events.

This bright combo of florals with overturned buckets allured the event, decor by Abhinav Bhagat Events-Delhi.

Special setup by Chirmi Events

Unique Entrance by Chirmi Events.

Here comes the trendy setup with unique decor props that can be incorporated to make everything look chic, setup by Chirmievents-Bangalore.

Eye-catchy Mehendi Decor in the Desert

Awesome Mehendi decor in the desert captured by The Wedding Salad.

There are so many picturesque props out there! Just look at these beauties, they’ve added a whole new elegant vibe to the Mehendi. Beautifully shot by Wedding Salad-Mumbai.

Pleasing Centerpiece by the Kisses by Candle Light

Special Centerpiece by Kisses by Candle Light.

White buckets with glass jars and candles used as a tabletop by Kisses by Candle Light-Bangalore are so delightful to see.

Modern Photobooth by Whistling Teel

Photobooth by Whistling Teel.

The eventful Photo wall at the top with the Himalayas as a backdrop could be a great place to click with friends and family by Whistling Teel-Dehradun.

Lobby decor with buckets by Purple Tree Events

Bright Buckets with Flowers by Purple Tree Events.

Hanging multicolored buckets with filled flowers resembling a bouquet is so pretty that we can’t seem to take our eyes, decor by Purple Tree Events-Goa.

Kitschy Properties by The Wedding Wale

Quirky set up The Wedding Wale.

Another colorful setup that is traditional and trendy by The Wedding Wale-Mumbai.

So, Get ready to have this hatke look in your decor.

We @decorsutra are sure you love this collection.

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