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Gorgeous Wedding Mandaps for destination Weddings along the Beach

Finalizing a beautiful wedding destination could be a high project for the couple, as it is the most prominent place for taking Seven Pheras. Among many wedding destinations, Beach Weddings have always been a fantasy and dream to many brides. The cool breeze, relaxed vibe, and sound of waves together make the beach weddings so beautiful and romantic.

So, today we bring to your notice the most splendid wedding mandap decors for beachside weddings. The right kind of setup and decor can further add elegance to your beautiful moments and photos.

Scroll below and have the wedding decor of your dreams!

Magical and Plushy Wedding Mandap

Floral Mandap by Cross Craft Goa

This marriage mandap with extravagant floral dome is so spectacular to go with! Decor by Cross Craft Goa.

Round Canopy with Floral decoration

Adorned canopy mandap by Aash studio

If you want to have a royal wedding mandap on your D-day along the beachside, then this glamorous setup with pastel and white florals makes your choice. Decor by Aash Studio-Mumbai.

Simple Mandap decoration with White

A great mandap decoration idea, that is simple and elegant. The adorned pillars and roof with white florals are a visual treat to the eyes. Decor by The Crimson Bride-India.

Bright Mandap with Floral Pillars

Mandap Decor by Avani Events

Eye-catchy wedding mandap decor by Avani Events-Delhi. The hues of red and white drapes look so adorable and add grace to your entire wedding look.

Rustic Mandap decor with white drapes and flowers

A simple wedding mandap, adorned with white drapes, florals, and green makes for a rustic wedding setup. Decor by Clarah Luxford Weddings.

Wedding Mandap with Chandeliers

Here is the quite regal wedding mandap with twined florals around the pillars and the bright overhead chandeliers. Designed by Wedding factory India-Kerala.

Pastel and white Wedding Mandap

Decor by Goa Weddings.

A pretty wedding mandap made of bright pastel drapes, multi-color flowers, and the overhead floral decoration could be a classic wedding mandap, done by Goa Weddings.

We @decorsutra are sure you love these Wedding mandap decors.

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