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Traditional Lamp Inspiration In Decor

Various Traditional Lamp/Diya Inspiration In Events.

Lighting the Diya/Lamp is a tradition in our culture from the past, it signifies the light in the darkness and induces the positive energy in our lives. Now, the use of different brass lamps for decor has become the trend in today’s events and they also bring the all-new and traditional vibes to the celebrations.

Below are some of the decor ideas with brass lamps which we spotted in the recent wedding Decor. So, let’s have a glimpse at them.

Brass Lamps Decor for the Wedding Aisle

Lamps in the aisle: Decor by Aira Wedding Planners.

The Wedding aisle has got the whole new look with these gleaming brass items beautifully decorated with flowers. Aira Wedding Planners-Bangalore has done this pretty decor.

Entrance with Candle lit Bell Arch

Decor by Altair Decor

Altair Decor-Mumbai has done this shimmery entrance with the scented candles and the huge bell arch for a Gorgeous Wedding.

Brass Lamps for Ceiling

Decor by FNP Floral Touch Dubai

This Intricately made lotus themed brass lamps beautifully blend with flowers and make for a great ceiling. Decor by FNP Floral Touch Dubai.

Brass Lamp as the centerpiece

Decor by Crimson and Cherry

Bangalore based Crimson and Cherry has used this huge brass lamps as a centerpiece for Wedding.

Peacock Brass Lamps for decor

Coming to this adorable brass lamps in decor by Wishtree Wedding- Kochi, they can be used as hangings for garland endings, as centerpieces, etc.

Walkway with flowers and lights

Decor by Devika Sakhuja

These vibrant and colorful florals and lights will make for a remarkable walkway. This entrance decor was done by Devika Sakhuja-Delhi.

Traditional Lamps

Image: Jinali Parikh

How divine are this lighted diyas! They bring out the peace and happiness in the event. Beautifully captured by Jinali Parikh.

Floral Diya for home decor

Decor by Krishna Parijata

Pretty brass diyas adorned with florals for a corner home decor, done by Krishna Parijata Events-Tamil Nadu.

Various Lamps decor

Kerala based Maritus Weddings have incorporated the brass lamps with flowers in various events as shown above which added the traditional vibes to the decor.

Perfect Traditional Decor

Decor by Eventart India

This decor is an epitome of out-and-out traditional decor with beautiful flowers, coconut leaf mat, and the brass lamps on the floor. This Decor has done by Eventart India-Chennai.

Eye-Catchy Lamps

If you want to give your guests a visual delight in your wedding then incorporate these beautiful floral lamps in your decor. Decor by Seven Steps Weddings-Mumbai.

We @decorsutra are glad to share these collections of usage of traditional brass lamps in decor.

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