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Wedlock by Vima: Decorsutra Wedding Designer Interview Series

DecorSutra Interview series with Bangalore based wedding planner & Decorator- WedLock Weddings By Vima.

We @decorsutra have started an interview series with Wedding Decorators and Planners to bring to you their journey behind the success stories that give us all the inspiration required for existing and upcoming Event Managers and Decorators and also to make everyone feel more confident with their hard work.

Today we are with Bangalore based Wedding Planner & Decorator: WedLock Weddings by Vima.

Here is the story of the woman in her words who started her life as a fine artist and turned out to a successful event planner, In her own words.

Professional Career:

How did WedLock Weddings by Vima start

I’m a fine artist by profession specialized in murals and a gold medalist from Goa College of Art. Thereafter in 2010, I planned to do my advanced diploma in Interior designing from Bangalore so that I could get my hands on digital designing. Since I was a hosteler in Bangalore I usually spent a lot of my time at a restaurant sketching, designing, or completing my projects. The restaurant owner also owned a wedding venue so when he noticed my work he offered me my first project as a wedding designer, and at the same time I was trying for part-time jobs as an interior designer or as a junior wedding designer, so this was a super great opportunity which came my way.
Sketched the entire event, created mock-ups and the restaurant owner vouched for me, he made a deal with the client – If I screw up he will pay back 2,00,000/- to the client and if I don’t screw up the client will pay me the entire project value. That’s how I was in love with Bangalore because I landed in some safe hands. This event opened doors to many more opportunities.

Services and Specializations

Wedlock Weddings By Vima offers Design | Production | Wedding planning | Coordination. I have been in this field for 9 years

Unique wedding that you have ever planned

Every event has been unique in its own way. But yes I do have a favorite, which is my latest event where the bride on the first meet briefed me about the themes which were, Mehendi – bohemian theme, Haldi – Phoolon ki Holi Holi – colorful yet neon, Sangeeth – Neon Tomorrow-land, Wedding – mirrors and peaches, Reception – royal.
Based on the brief I created my presentation and she approved of it on the first look. That is what came to life. Never experienced something so quick.
I believe in making a statement in every client’s life and creating beautiful memories. Every client is not a client they become a part of your business journey. I’m grateful to every client I have come across till date in helping my business grow in great gestures ( word of mouth ) and the best tool to business…

USP of Wedlock by Vima:

Every company is unique in its own way, but my USP is: I strongly believe in quality over quantity. Every event I execute may it be small or big make sure I create unique designs even if they have a tight budget, rather then replicating designs from Pinterest, and yes it does get challenging at times because some clients refuse to think outside the box.
My other USP points are I create unique designs, keep up with the latest trends, give personal attention to every detail, and sketch the entire setup.

Personal & Growth:

1. What do you do in the off-season ?

As the wedding business is seasonal I like to travel back home to Goa and spend time with my family. In my leisure time, I like to sketch. I’m a very family-oriented person. Business and family are my main goals in life.

2. How do you stay motivated when things go wrong? How do you manage the stress?

In my belief we should always rise up despite all the hurdles we come across in life. Sometimes things do go wrong during the event but it just makes you better. If your instinct tells you something will go bad you have to have a backup plan and face up to it. As it’s always said failures are stepping stones to success. It’s important to have positive vibes to carry you forward. So, I always keep a positive attitude towards life.

3. Future plans and what do you aspire to?

Future plans are to take my brand on an international platform…

4. The happiest moment of your career?

When I headed back to restart my company at the end of December 2016.

5. Saddest moment of your event career?

When I had to return back to Goa in January 2016 , to help my parents with family business. During this phase I lost a lot of contracts, clients and business. When my parents realized that I love to create and execute they didn’t hesitate and I moved back to Bangalore. Ever since then I’ve not given up and made a stronger comeback in the wedding industry. Every day is challenging but it’s worth everything.

6. Your suggestions for upcoming Event managers/ Decorators?

Create your brand, always be sincere to your work and to your clients, have a USP of your own. Always remember quality wins over quantity and time will take you places.

Here are some of the pictures from Wedlock Weddings by Vima

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at..” -Stephen Hawking.

Contact Details :
Founder & Head :- Vima Shirley Ann Rodrigues .


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Location: Bangalore

Phone Number: 091644 26015

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