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Ivy Concepts- Decorsutra Interview Series

Decorsutra Interview Series with Gujarat based Wedding Designer & Decorator- Ivy Concepts.

Decorsutra is here with another interview series of Gujarat based Wedding Designer and Decorator to bring their success story into the light and to give all the inspiration for upcoming Event Managers & Decorators.

Today’s Interview with Gujarat based Wedding Designer & Decorator: Ivy Concepts.

Anjana Shah

Founder & Head: Anjana Shah


Instagram: Decor Ivy

Facebook: The Ivy Concepts

Today’s inspiration by Anjana Shah, the nature lover who turned into an event designer & decorator. In her words…

How did Ivy Concepts Decor start

Absolutely nothing of that sort. I have been a nature lover all my life and have loved planning celebrations. This is how the idea of Ivy Concepts conceived.

How long have you been in business

I’ve been in this business for over 20 years.

Services & Specialization

We offer sophisticated decor solutions for various celebrations combined with on-trend aesthetics. Out of all celebrations that we specialize in wedding design. We design and create floral decorations and enhancements for weddings, adding a touch of Indian tradition and thereby creating a warm appeal to the decor.

The most unique Wedding you have ever planned

For us, each wedding- small or big is unique in its own way. But if still asked to answer, I will choose the wedding of Mr. Varun Gandhi that we did in Banaras. The ceremonies were held in the Shiv Mandir and it was magnificent. We used Rajnigandha and Marigolds for our decor to have a touch of tradition. So yes, this was the most unique wedding we planned.

What makes you different than other decor services?

Ivy is a wedding design and decor concept firm, that truly believes in delivering the best of decorations and enhancements for all celebrations. We combine style, elegance, and aesthetic value with sophistication in every detail with an intense plan, transforming simple spaces into magical venues. Ivy stands out for its simplicity and keen attention to detail, putting heart and soul in every event that we cater to.

Here are a few of the Ivy Concepts Decor Pictures

Contact Details: Founder & Head: Anjana Shah


Instagram: Decor Ivy

Facebook: The Ivy Concepts

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