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Exquisite and Chic Floral Balls Backdrops

Adorable and trending Floral ball Decor Inspiration.

Floral balls have become the trend these days in the events. They look super adorable when used in the backdrop which adds so much of charm and suits all kinds of events. After combing through numerous events for inspiration we handpicked the only best floral ball backdrop that you must bookmark.

Elegant balls for Pooja Decor

There is beauty in simplicity. The Weddings Unplugged has done this pooja Decor for a pre-wedding ritual performed to bring happiness and prosperity to the couple. This soft color palette is simple yet elegant. A special beginning to the wedding festivities.

Vibrant Marigold Balls

What better decor can we get than these vibrant marigold balls on a green backdrop for a bar decor on Mehendi! Decor by Wedding Duo India.

Colorful Floral Balls

Decor by Veydaa Events.

How about these vivid floral ball stands aren’t they pretty! Decor by West Bengal based Veydaa Events.

Attractive Backdrop Decor

A visually appealing Bridal backdrop for a Mehendi Event with floral balls. Decor by Red Velvet Events-Dubai.

Marigold Vibes

No words to express the purity and enlightenment represented by our Indian Marigolds. Beautiful outdoor decor by Piofy Weddings.

Stunning Rose balls with white

Decor by House of W.

If you are the one who loves roses as we do, then incorporating these red and pink floral balls could be the better choice for an outdoor event. Decor by House of W.

Love for Genda Phool

Decor by Pink Pagdi.

Our Genda Phool never goes out of trend, beautiful outdoor Mehendi decor by Hyderabad based Pink Pagdi.

Magical Photobooth Decor

We love this photobooth decor for Mehendi with lush greens and marigolds with mountains as the backdrop. Decor by Grapevine Designs.

Indoor Mehendi Decor

This minimal and elegant decor for Mehendi will definitely add happy color to our event, decor by Papercut Events-Delhi, Goa.

Spectacular Floral Wreath with floral balls

Floral wreaths are always a hit at wedding events but this one with a ball theme is just an amazing idea. Decor by New York based Flowers by brian.

Quirky Floral Setup

The Conventional yet imaginative floral backdrop that is a visual treat to the eyes. Decor by Eventila Decor.

Colorful Decor with hues of pink

Decor by Event Affair.

Wedding celebrations with such bright setups will always make for a happy event. The floral balls added extra beauty. Decor by Mumbai based Event Affair.

Gorgeous Floral Installations

These Spring Colours always do magic when used in Events. Super bright decor by Estique Decor Productions- Hyderabad & Vizag.

Alluring Mehendi Backdrops

Mumbai based Dreamz Kraft Weddings has done this colorful Mehendi decor that gives out the perfect happy vibe.

Simple Haldi Decor

Decor by Diakon Events.

If you’re looking for a minimal Haldi decor for an intimate Wedding this makes for a better choice. Decor by Goa-based Diakon Evets.

Fresh blooms for an Outdoor Decor

The Perfect blend of colors for a customized Wedding Decor that shouts GORGE! Decor by Devika Sakhuja.

Floral balls for Weddings at home

Weddings at home are always special & Unique as its truly our space so to make them even more remarkable magnificent Decor is what we need. New Delhi based BougainvellaDesign has done beautiful decor.

Classy Wedding Mandap with floral balls

Appealing Wedding Decor with floral balls, drapes, white orchid ceiling, and the mandap structure with casuarina raw sticks that gives a rustic feel to the Decor. Done by Best day Ever by Deepika Shetty.

Cool and simple Setup

Decor by Abc Events.

Let’s take a look at this simple and lovely Mehendi Decor idea by New Delhi based ABC Events.

Graceful Swing Decor

How cute is this adorned Jhula with Flowers! Perfect Decor for a Mehendi Event by ES Celebrations.

We @decorsutra are really glad to share these collections of trending floral balls in Decor.

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