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Flora Wedding Planners- Decorsutra Interview Series

Decorsutra Interview series of Coimbatore based Flora Wedding Planners.

Here we are with one more interview of a Wedding Planner from Coimbatore-Flora Wedding Planners. Let’s have a look at this successful story of a Software Engineer and get all the inspiration required.

The Founder Mrs. Reshma Srijay’s passion for creativity turned her into a Wedding Planner. Her story in her words.

Mrs.Reshma Srijay
Mrs.Reshma Srijay

Founder: Mrs. Reshma Srijay


Facebook: Flora Wedding Planners

Instagram: Floraweddings_India

Twitter: Floraweddingsin

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How did Flora Wedding Planners start & where did you got inspired from?

I have always been a creative person from my childhood. Though I had chosen to take up a degree in Electrical Engineering and kick-started my career as a Software Engineer in Wipro, I had always kept in touch with my creative side and spent most of my free time with painting and artworks. When after my marriage, I had an opportunity to do something for myself, I chose to build a business out of my passion. Also, I am a person who always loves to spread a lot of happiness and make people happy by arranging surprises. So my creative talent and my ability to cheer everyone were inspiration enough to become a Wedding Planner. I am living my dream every day since the inception of Flora Wedding Planners  in 2012.

How long have you been in business

It has been 8 years since I found Flora Wedding Planners.

Services offered by Flora Wedding Planners and Specializations

We are primarily into Wedding Planning. Within 2 years of our company launch, We opened our own Design and Decor vertical. We create and craft wedding installations and execute it from scratch. We have our own production house and catered to weddings in all the states of South India.

Recently we are into Luxury Wedding Installations. Very soon, we will be announcing our own Destination Wedding Planning division too. We are in talks with the most prominent names in the international Wedding industry.

The most unique Wedding you have ever planned

The  most unique concept we have done is creating ‘Eco-Friendly Weddings’. During my initial days, though we get very excited by the pompous decor we succeed in creating, the after scene was quite painful. We get to see the enormous wastage happening. So I came up with the ‘Eco-Friendly Wedding’ concept in 2015. We have managed to create up to 25 successful Eco-Friendly weddings. We have also received a National award for ‘The most Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner in the country’ in the year 2017.

It is in our mission to plan and create ‘Zero Foot Print – Weddings’ in the future and inspire more clients to follow the same so that they will be able to celebrate their beautiful occasion with no harm to the environment. – ‘Guilt-Free Weddings’.

What do you do differently than other decor services?

We say we are unique in the way that ‘We are in the business of Weddings’ but in a very personal way. We never sell packages. That is our mantra. Unlike other companies who lay a lot of conditions like ‘We do only such type of Weddings’, We have never been like that. Our growth has never stopped us from taking up moderate value weddings. We still plan weddings from a very minimum to a Big value Luxury Wedding. It is only subject to our availability and feasibility for the client. We see every wedding in its own beauty. As long as we can dedicate our complete attention to a client, and we can connect to the family, we accept the project. I believe in the saying ‘If it is meant to be, it will be’. That is why each of our clients connects with our brand and me on a very personal level even after the wedding. They feel like they are a part of our success and rejoice with us every time for our achievements.

Personal and Growth:

As Wedding and Event business is seasonal, what do you do in the off-season (hobbies, etc)?

Trust me. All these eight years, we have never had an off-season. Wedding Planning is a service of advancement. Our team typically starts working at least 45 days before the event date. Ideally, our team is occupied and busy almost every day across the year. Just that for some of the days the work spread is lesser.  But we work all the time. In all these eight years, only now during the pandemic, we have got some time off. Still planning the forthcoming weddings by remote working. Since the volume and scope of the projects are smaller and most of them are home weddings, we can give a lot more personal attention to our clients now.  

How do you stay motivated when things go wrong? How do you manage the stress?

I believe with my experience that, every challenge has a solution. It is just a matter of time and event to identify the solution. This requires patience and a lot of positivity. Then, there is no way of stress. One thing I most enjoy about these challenges is that once we identify the solution, then it transpires into a story. Hence we have some very beautiful stories that could be narrated. Memories!!! We have changed some of these challenges to some wonderful surprises for our clients. Only good surprises. End of the day, we look forward to delivering happiness only.

Future plans and what do you aspire

In the near future, we are planning to launch our own Destination Wedding Planning division. Just waiting for this pandemic to end and the gates to be opened.

In the long future, we look forward to create some sustainable solution in the digital arena and real-time to minimize the efforts of Wedding planning for our clients. ‘Hassle-free weddings’.

Are there any event types you find particularly interesting and exciting to plan?

I do only things that excite me. So I enjoy every day of work. Particularly, if I have to say, during Decor production, I enjoy pulling out small and creative elements off the list, basically with the products which are available within the premises. In one of our weddings, there was a last moment requirement for some round table dining arrangements. We had less flowers and vases for the centerpieces. We used coconut shells and made centerpieces with White baby’s breath flowers. It was such a big hit and everyone loved it.

Ups and Downs, Suggestions:

The happiest moment of your career

Each and every day.

The saddest moment of your event career

My work gets me out of even my deepest sadness. So no sad moments in a career.

Your suggestions for upcoming Event managers/ Decorators

Enjoy your work. Stay truthful to the client who is the reason for your bread and butter. Be positive. Be yourself.

Contact Details

Founder & Head: Mrs. Reshma Srijay


Instagram: Floraweddings India

Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Phone: 9994278076

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