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Amaamee by Aashakaa Ghelani Shukla- Decorsutra Interview Series

Decorsutra's Interview series of Ahmedabad based Amaamee by Aashakaa.

Here comes the one more inspiring story of an interior designer Aashakaa who turned into an event designer with her passion and creativity.

So, let’s go through this famous Ahmedabad based event designer Amaamee by Aashakaa Ghelani Shukla and know their journey in her own words…


Your name, Company name & Social media links

Amaamee by Aashakaa Ghelani Shukla-Ahmedabad.

Founder: Aashka Ghelani

Facebook: Amaamee

Instagram: Amaamee by Aashakaa.

Pinterest: Aashakaa

What made you choose Event management/ Decorations as your career?

My Dreams of building sets, started while pursuing my studies as an interior designer. I was very intrigued by the film set design. I wanted to be a part of a film set, and the adrenaline rush of creating larger than life spaces in a very short period. I did my first wedding decor, as a spur of the moment thing that we chanced upon. My first taste of wedding decor was overwhelming and fulfilling, and the euphoria behind it has engaged me ever since, only to reach new avenues in for AMAAMEE.

How long have you been in business?

I have been designing weddings and events for the past 7 years.

Services you offer and Specializations

Amaamee specializes in bespoke event decor. It could be a wedding, reception, baby shower, or a birthday, the client’s will to experiment and experience something new with our designs, drives us with more zeal than ever.

We feel the design is a slow-cooked meal, it tastes better with the time it has been brewing. The more time we have with the clients the more we get to know them and perfect our designs for their special day.

What was the most unique event you have ever planned?

Garba is the most loved festival in Gujarat, and our fondness and devotion for Durga ma unveil into a never thought before creation. Every year, we have been designing for the Garba ceremony in prestigious venues, keeping in mind reusable energy and material. Kalhaar bungalows Garba, where around 3000 dancers come every day during Navratri to dance were treated by a photo walk pathway with over 2000 cane baskets and bulbs. An idea that to others that at that time seemed ambiguous, turned out to be the biggest talk of the town.

What do you do differently than other companies?

Our production and representation drawings are all 3dimensional. Most of the time morphed at the exact location where the event is going to take place. They are rendered at a very high level of detailing, leaving no room of doubt for the client, production team as well as us as designers. We have been able to replicate the same imagery on paper to reality, and sometimes much better :).

Personal and Growth:

As Wedding and Event business is seasonal, what do you do in the off-season (hobbies, etc)

Luckily for me, I am an interior designer too, so my interior design practice is running during off-season. Apart from that, I gather all the lost sleep that I need, I spend more time with my family and friends, and often take time off for a long vacation with my husband, to immerse ourselves into a different culture, with their food, habits, and air. Traveling just broadens my spectrum of being an individual, and increases my love affair with creativity.

How do you stay motivated when things go wrong? How do you manage the stress?

Things will always go wrong, if they didn’t, they would not have made you into the person that you are. I always remember this when I feel low or stressed. Most importantly, having loved ones around you, dampens the stress to a great level, and playing a sport does help!

Future plans and what do you aspire

I do want to consciously not use any props/ materials in decor, that are harmful to the environment. I aspire to educate clients to opt for biodegradable elements, at the same time encourage the use of products that are locally sourced, and made by a craftsperson.

I have great aspirations of taking AMAAMEE forward as a journey that creates out of emotions of families and lives by its simplicity of attention to details.

Are there any event types you find particularly interesting and exciting to plan?

We love Garba decor, this is one festival that brings 1000’s together and designing the decor with that aura is a very satisfying challenge.

Ups and Downs, Suggestions:

The happiest moment of your career

There was a particular moment in my career that it seemed no one believed and trusted my design vision and the fact that as a WOMAN I could make a difference. I was in the quest of proving to myself and my instincts. When I finished the décor and clicked the final picture on my phone, I gasped a sigh of relief, and nobody was needed to tell me that I have done well. That moment of self-satisfaction was the happiest moment of my career.

The saddest moment of your event career

An event is like a battlefield, there are crazy fights and patch-ups too, and all of this is towards the PERFECT final vision that each and everyone on the field is looking out for. I do feel sad when individuals post pictures of work done by us on social media, not giving credit to the creators.

Your suggestions for upcoming Event managers/ Decorators

Event managers must understand the importance of design in an event, and acknowledge the designers for the same, on social media platforms, and even while face to face with prospective or current clients.

Decorators should not replicate the designs of a designer without their permission. We understand the reusability of props and investment economics, and it is mostly never about that, it is always and will always by ETHICS.

An event is a TEAM work, nothing happens without the other, only together we can help each other overcome the circumstances today and otherwise too.

Contact Details

Amaamee by Aashakaa Ghelani Shukla-Ahmedabad.

Founder: Aashka Ghelani

Facebook: Amaamee

Instagram: Amaamee by Aashakaa.

Pinterest: Aashakaa

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