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Pretty Dream Catchers Decor Inspiration

Decor Ideas with Pretty Dream Catchers.

Dream-catchers have become a rage these days in wedding decor as they’re versatile and whimsical. As they are known for their good dreams they also bring positive and happy vibes when used in the decor.

Also, they can be incorporated in every kinda decor be it a wedding with a bohemian theme or a pre-wedding event with vibrant hues or floral decor. So, we brought to the most cutest and sacred dream catcher decor ideas which add charming vibes to your celebrations.

Dream-Catchers with Greens

Samani Decorators have done this gorgeous backdrop decor with handwoven dream catchers with a touch of greens and florals.

Colorful Mehendi setup

Here comes the picturesque view of the Mehendi seating backdrop of dream catchers with colorful feathers. Decor by Vivaah Wedding Decor Stylist. Planners: Tamarind Global Weddings.

Beauteous Naming Ceremony Backdrop

Dream Catchers: Knits and Knots.

This could be the perfect decor for your children’s naming ceremony as these dream catchers would undoubtedly bring those required positive vibes. Dream Catchers by Knits and Knots.

Ceiling decor

An elegant Mehendi ceremony with this simple roof decor of dream catchers for the ceiling which is ideal for minimalist brides. Decorated by Aara Design & Decor in collaboration with Divyavithika.

Bohemian Wedding Ceremony

There’s just something impressive about these dream catchers, layered boho rugs, hand-knitted arch, and lively decoration that created a warm and inviting vibe to a wedding location.

Elegant Birthday Decor

Here comes the simple and beautiful birthday decor with pretty macrame dream catchers and minimal flowers. Decor by Atelier Anjelik Macrame.

Delightful Outdoor Decor

Decor by Bungalow.

Sacred Dream Catchers on this lush green backdrop looks super awesome, decor by Bungalow.

Cutest Details

This adorable detailing in our decor will surely make our events very special. These dream catchers can be used as a multi-purpose decor prop for all events.

Charming Dream Catcher

How simple and beautiful is this wreath theme dream catcher adorned with flowers which surely suits for intimate celebrations! Decor by Shabiyo Decor.

Homely Decor

Having a small party at home, don’t forget to add these macrame dream catchers that look perfect for a day party.

Chic Outdoor Setup

You’ll fall in love with this dreamy teepee setup with dream catchers as the backdrop. This decor by Knots and Dreams Events can be used for many events.

Unique Decor Inspiration

Decor by Anna Lyn.

Anna Lyn has done this creative setup with a blend of dream catchers and delicate baby’s breath which is so pretty.

Minimalistic Backdrop Ideas

A perfect palette for a backdrop inspired by dreamcatcher’s that gives a rustic design but a modern look.

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