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DecorSutra Interview Series: DecorbyKrishna

I’m KalpanaRajesh. I love working with flowers, that’s how I started Pellipoolajada /AnooFlowerJewellery in 2012. I learned bridal hair flowers making from my mother. Observing the floral industry for the last 8 years, I developed a keen interest in event and wedding decorations. I started DecorbyKrishna in 2019 when I could not find a decorator who does Eco-friendly and traditional decorations in my budget for my daughter’s voni function.

Inspiration: Artists in the flower market, who regularly work with flowers and aim for perfection are my constant source of inspiration.

Location of Operations: We are a team of Eco-conscious people, trying to make a difference to this world with our Eco-friendly decorations. Decor by Krishna works as a franchise-based chain with 85 franchise partners, in all South Indian cities, USA and Australia. We use flowers, leaves, fruits, stems, roots, hand-looms, and handicrafts to bring beauty to decorations.

How are we different: We at Decor by Krishna work only on simple, Eco-friendly, and traditional themes, without using any floral-foam, thermocol, plastics, polymers. We borrowed Lord Krishna’s name for our decorations, and we take the responsibility of providing pristine decorations for all classes of society. We educate our clientele, about the Eco-friendly way of life and why it is important to go natural and traditional in this present state of world affairs.

What’s polluting in Present-day decorations? Flowers and leaves are generally considered Eco-friendly and bio-degradable. But from growing flowers using pesticides and fertilizers, importing flowers in airplanes, to arranging and installing using artificial and single-use plastics made event and decoration industry highly polluting. One look at the go-down of the trash created after the event will make us clear about where we all collectively stand in terms of polluting our environment.

Can we still ignore it? : Birds made out of thermocol for decorations will create an environment where birds cannot sustain! Floral walls made with epoxy resins, chemically grown roses, and flat head-pins will make the soil unfit for agriculture. Paraffin candles, Chemical Rangoli, plastic flowers, and polyester drapes will only leave solid waste landfills, polluted air, and contaminated soil for future generations.

My vision for Minimizing waste in events:

  1. Destination Village weddings: Instead of going to exotic locations abroad to get married, I wish Opulent and Privileged clients plan destination-weddings in our Indian villages, promoting rural economy and providing rural-employment.
  2. Aesthetic Indian wedding venues: Aesthetically built venues with lush green trees and flora would minimize the usage of drapes, stages, vinyl banner flooring, huge floral installations, and transportation too. Composting facilities on-site, potted florals, prefixed themes and Eco-friendly decorations are what I wish to see in new-age wedding venues
  3. Zero-waste Green events: From the bridal procession entering the venue with baarat, and leaving with vidaai, I wish there would be no plastic or polymer waste generated and whatever biodegradable waste that is generated to be composted at the venue itself.
  4. Indian art and Artisans: Flavor of Indian art, whether it is Pochampally, Paithani handlooms, Madhubani, kalamkari paintings, or the brassware to be showcased in weddings and carry it to next generations is my wish.
  5. Organically grown flowers: Not just the food for clients, even the flowers and leaves used in decorations to be grown organically without polluting the precious land that we live on, is what I wish for!
  6. Promoting Local Manpower: Every City, Town, and Village to have centers for skilled manpower trained in various vocational courses and arts so that they need not migrate to different cities for livelihood. These vocational courses must also cover Venue decorations, garland making, and floral arrangements is my wish.
  7. The dignity of Labour: No work is superior or inferior, working itself makes us lead a dignified and contented life. I wish the flower artist who acquires skills in making flower garland over the years is paid and respected equally as that of a computer programmer.
  8. Responsible Event Hosts: I wish the Bride and Groom along with their parents insist on smaller weddings, cleaner decorations, and doesn’t compromise on quality for the pricing.
  9. Celebrities and their Weddings: With huge popularity on their side, I wish celebrities and notable personalities celebrate their events or get married in the most simple and Eco-friendly way, inspiring lakhs of their followers to take up an Eco-friendly way of life.
  10. Bloggers and Media: I wish the social media influencers, wedding bloggers, and media understand the materials of decorations before advertising polluting content…

Now there is good awareness about organically grown food in comparison to Chemically grown food, similarly, Eco-friendly decorations will catch the attention soon. We aspire to change the landscape of the Indian decor industry from polluting decorations to Eco-friendly decorations. We dream of a day when Couples plan sustainable & Eco friendly weddings, Government bans all non-Eco-friendly decorations in all their events, Airports/shopping malls showcase only up-cycled and Eco-friendly themes, and Places of worship strictly go for non-polluting decorations. This can happen when each and every individual of Village, Town City, and Country voluntarily vouch for an Eco-friendly way of life.

To book Eco-friendly decorations in India, the USA, and Australia: Call the nearest branch from link For Franchise Enquiries: Email-

Phone Number: 91766 49389.

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