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Decorsutra Interview Series: Elegant Weddings

Interview Series of Bangalore based Wedding planner & Decorator: Elegant Weddings.

Today we are with one more interview series of Bangalore based Wedding Planner: Elegant Weddings. Come let’s see this inspiring story of a Chemical Engineer who turned into a successful Wedding Planner with her passion towards her work from more than a decade.

So, check out this interview in her own words and take some inspiration.

Professional Career

Your name and Company name, Social media links:

Head: Roxy Name: Elegant Weddings
Insta Handle: Elegant Weddings India Fb: Elegant Weddings India

What made you choose Event management/ Decorations as your career:

It all started with my own wedding. I was a chemical engineer with a full time job, however when I had to plan my wedding, I realized I wanted to do so much but didn’t have the time! I ended up quitting my job to plan my wedding and then there’s been no turning back. 

How long have you been in business:

12 years

Services you offer and Specializations:

Wedding Planning, End to end wedding services, Wedding Decor, Lawn Venues in Bangalore , Wedding gowns, Wedding Design, concept and attention to detail.

What was the most unique wedding you have ever planned:

There are so many weddings we love and can’t pin it down to one, however one of my favorites is a rainbow-themed wedding, where we created a gazebo with fresh roots and used flowers from the entire rainbow pallet, creating an ombré effect. We also created one long banquet table for the 100 guests which also had the rainbow gradient. It was a setup I didn’t want to pull down.

What do you do differently than other companies:

 I believe our attention to detail, understanding the couple and what they like are our strengths. We make sure we allow colors, flowers, and props to breathe and speak for themselves to keep the original aesthetic as much as possible. 

Personal and Growth:

As Wedding and Event business is seasonal, what do you do in off-season:

We love and serve a community of young adults as they grow and push their limits, by knowing the love of God.  I love art and design. We spend time with family.

How do you stay motivated when things go wrong? How do you manage the stress:

We stop, relax, and pray. A wedding is planned months ahead, however, there are so many parameters you can’t control on D-Day like weather, delays, makeup slips, cold feet, or surprise guests. It’s almost impossible to expect everything to go as planned at a wedding, having planned events for more than a decade now, we’ve realized that panic never helps. We need to step back, pause, pray, and resume and all is well.

 Future plans and what do you aspire

We are in the process of creating some beautiful, simple, and affordable lawn venues in North Bangalore and we plan to expand across the city. 

We are also really excited to plan international destination weddings in the coming future.

Are there any event types you find particularly interesting and exciting to plan:

Weddings that include mixed cultures, traditions, and activities are always challenging to bring balance ensuring both families are honored. Though it’s challenging, it’s also very satisfying when we see both families smiling as they begin a new journey. 

Ups and Downs, Suggestions:

Happiest moment of your career:

Every time we read a review from a couple.

Saddest moment of your event career:

During the 2020 lockdown, so many of our couples had to postpone or cancel their weddings and that was heartbreaking, to see their big plans come to stop after all the planning and excitement. 

Your suggestions for upcoming Event managers/ Decorators:

1. Love your job. You can’t manage the stress the job brings if you don’t love what you’re doing. Colors, fabrics, flowers must excite you and keep your heart racing! 

2. Love people! This industry is all about people, the couple, the families and guests. People management should come easy and with love for you to make a wedding smile. 

Contact Details: Head: Roxy Name: Elegant Weddings
Insta Handle: Elegant Weddings India Fb: Elegant Weddings India

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