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Beautiful Pongal Festive Decor Ideas

Best Pongal Decor Ideas.

Pongal: The Harvest festival which is celebrated all over South India for three days as a result of harvested crops and yield that brings lots of happiness to the family. The Pongal which is the main item to be cooked over this festival as the main dish marks a lot of importance and there are some of the religious practices carried out on this festival.

Decorating our entire home with florals is also a part of this festival so, we brought to some of the pretty ideas for decorating pots as well as the home for this auspicious beginning.

Pot Decor for Pongal

As pots play a crucial role in this festival most of them use this as the main decor element for this festival. So above are some of the cool pot decorations with florals, and rangoli which can be taken as an inspiration for your favorite festival.

Pongal backdrop Ideas

The above are some of the home decor ideas using kites, florals and some traditional items marking the importance of this festival.

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