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Beautiful Tree of life theme in Events

Tree of Life Theme Decor Inspo.

As we all know the tree of life has an importance in many cultures for its strength and beauty. The Tree of Life symbol represents one’s personal development, uniqueness, and individual beauty.

So, adding this in our backdrop means a lot, just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we believe that relationships also grow stronger with lots of happiness as we move through life. So, having it in your decor could be a great deal.

Pleasant Wedding Backdrop with soft hues

The centerpiece artwork was inspired by the Tree of life. It’s perfectly carved, gold-tinted, and highlighted on solid Fuchsia Pink. To level up the decor they added motifs on subtle blue and a gorgeous Mandap ceiling of mint green/ peach and of course, traditional flowers hanging everywhere made this look super cute.

Glam Floral Wall setup for Wedding

Designer: Amaamee by Aashakaa
Decor execution: Parikh Dharmen (Milan decorators)
Florals: Budsnroses Bnr
Photography: Memoire Photos

This beautiful and traditional motif of the tree of life was used in the bride’s wedding invites and later transformed as a floral backdrop for her wedding. This colorful tree of life highlighted the Entire Wedding.

Classy Backdrop Decor

How magnificent is this decor with such rich floral arrangements and a tree on such a unique color palette!

Lush Green Backdrop with Tree of life

If you’re looking for something extravagant then these full-length green backdrops with a giant floral tree of life suit better.

Elegant white, red, and pink Hues

Red and pink may not be a scheme that instantly comes to mind but it works so well for a classic romantic look especially set against a bit of gold. These tones which are fabulous as accent colors really make a statement and add real warmth and intimacy to your ambience!

Picturesque Entrance with the tree of life

A Bollywood night is definitely incomplete without a whimsical glimmering decor that encapsulates everyone’s hearts at first glance! A tree at the entrance with such colorful Floral wall and green arrangements had everyone smitten!

Other Tree Theme Decorations for Events

The traditional backdrop with a Krishna theme with an elegant tree on the coconut mat suits perfectly for home events and bridal showers.

Image by Kankatala

Now coming to this grandeur decor for the Upanayam event with such vibrant floral tree and floral nets at the sides made brought the look to the next level.

Engagement decor with this alluring tree motif incorporated the Elegant Ethnicity of the event

Let’s take inspiration from these collections and save for upcoming Events.

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