Tree Theme Decor

Elegant Tree Theme Decor Inspiration

Tree Theme Decor Inspirational Ideas.

Today we are with one of the most beautiful themes which bring elegant vibes to the entire celebration i.e Tree theme decor. Trees bring that natural look and serenity to the place and adorning it with gorgeous florals gives a dream look.

Celebrations under these enchanting trees are like a fairy-tale, have a look at some of this Inspiration Decor, we brought to you from the recent Weddings.

Stunning Wedding Mandap

This Tree of Love looks so perfect for an Outdoor Wedding, suspended with thousands of Rajnigandha florals.

Prettily Decorated Tree with colorful florals

Decor: WRM India

The natural and serene atmosphere is what accentuated the beauty of this mandap. Notice the dramatic cast of the shadow which will surely look more beautiful as the day progresses.

Gorgeous Haldi Setup

This tree decorated with florals will definitely make your Haldi so special.

Photobooth Corner with Natural art

Decor: Amaahyaaj

This setup with all-natural elements in earthy hues, using handwoven palm leaves seemed like an Ideal corner setup for this lovely couple’s Engagement!

Adorable Mehendi Setup under the tree

Super adorable dream catchers with flowers hanging from the tree make it look so modern and eye-catchy for a Mehendi Ceremony.

Extravagant Wedding Mandap with Florals

Awe! this inspiring setup with such outstanding floral arrangements under the huge tree, will perfect suit nature lovers.

Colorful and traditional Setup

Decor: Amaahyaaj

How gorgeous is this green garden with a traditional takeover drowned in a riot of hues!

Pretty Floral Setup

This magical setup with colorful floral arrangements under the beautiful tree also does the magic.

Absolutely Beautiful Setup

This is so vibrant with colorful florals and tassels with nature’s beauty all-around making for an Ideal sit-out.

Ethereal Wedding Mandap

Here comes a surreal mandap under the trees, adorned with exquisite florals and dazzling crystal chandeliers, made for a breathtaking setup.

Minimalistic Wedding Decor

Open Wedding Mandap Decor with Beautiful Floral hangings & touch of gold made it look so pretty.

We are sure you’ll love this collection of beautiful decor mixed with nature’s beauty and save them for the future.

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