Interview Series

V Factory- Interview series

Interview Series of Hyderabad based Wedding Decorator Vemu Thumati.

Today we are with Hyderabad based Art Director turned Wedding Decor Designer, Venu Thumati, who is serving the decor industry with his creativity and passion for the past 7 years, paving a path of his own.

Let’s us meet him in brief. We are sure his story will draw some inspiration.


Your name and Company name, Social media links

V Factory: Founder & Head: Venu Thumati Insta Handle: V Factory

Founder: Venu Thumati
Where did you got inspired from/ learned to do this

I always found interest in creative work and that’s how I joined the film industry in the art department. After working for 18 years there, I wanted to start something on my own, where I can work on my creativity and passion. That’s how I founded Vfactory in the year 2014.

How long have you been in business

We have been in this since 2014.

Services you offer and Specializations

Designing an empty space always involves a creative side and sometimes that’s how I find my work challenging and interesting. Be it about recreating a magnificent beauty or creating anything that’s there in a client’s mind, Vfactory services ranges from art installation to beautification of empty spaces. Interior designing services are another wing attached to Vfactory’s services.

What was the most unique wedding you have ever planned

Created an entire Manduva house when a client requested to have their wedding inside a Manduva House. So, I designed a proper Manduva House, here in Hyderabad and the wedding happened in that house.

What do you do differently than other companies

Our craftsmanship is what makes Vfactory different from our competitors. Proudly we say that Vfactory is always leading in the matters of Craftsmanship and that’s our uniqueness.

Personal and Growth:

As Wedding and Event business is seasonal, what do you do in off-season.

Taking time for personal matters is hard while working in a field like this. But whenever I find some leisure time I would love to travel and cook.

How do you stay motivated when things go wrong? How do you manage the stress

Balancing things when they are out of control takes a lot of patience. And I can say, that is my biggest strength. In a field like this, things don’t happen as we initially plan them out and sometimes during the most crucial times, things go wrong. That’s when we need to find balance in such situations and over the years, I have mastered that art.

Future plans and what do you aspire

I always wanted to direct a film and though decor is my passion, directing a film is my ultimate goal.

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