Varalakshmi Vratham Main door Decoration Ideas

A tradition of Pooja is done to propitiate the Goddess Lakshmi, who grants good for all the devotees. This is a festival to done by women, praying for their own well being and that of all their families.

Goddess Varalakshmi is considered equivalent to worshipping Astalakshmi representing eight goddesses of Earth, wealth, love, wisdom, peace, fame, strength and contentment.  Varalakshmi vratam, is celebrated predominantly in South India with utmost devotion, offering fruits, sweets, Kalasam and flowers with a mandatory home decor. Entire house or the area of the puja decorated with natural fresh flowers will make the atmosphere devotional and spiritual. Flowers are known to have the characteristics of attracting positive and divine vibes all around, making a part of the Vratam decorations. Starting from the main door till the place of Pooja, you will come across the eco-friendly decoration making a feast to the eyes

These main door decoration ideas will help you to get started with decorating your home for the important ritual of every Indian woman.

The main door decor made with a combination of marigold flowers, Lilies, coconut leaf arch would be perfect for Pooja environment

Sri Balaji Flower Decors

A stunning door décor with Banana leaf bunches on sides giving a typical Indian touch, perfectly paired with Jasmines and Roses would be a good choice.


Twisted thoran with tender lotus and lilies looks awesome. Standing Banana bark rounded with Lilies and roses gives perfect look.


Stacked thoran with purples, lilies, orange roses, similar hanging on the sides will also be the one of the best choices.


Tender roses paired with tuberoses reminds us of the divinity of the atmosphere and their wholesome fragrance will elevate your spirits with spirituality.

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