Intricate floral birds and animals decor inspiration.


Weddings and celebrations are the highly honoured as part of Indian culture and heritage. And every occasion is celebrated with pomp, joy and decorations.Who says know to flowers from being part of the decoration?  they have their own place from bridal hairband to the wedding mandap. And what if these flowers are moulded artistically into beautiful animals, that is an absolute thing to do!

A gorgeous floral peacock with blooming in white would be a great part of the setup.

Floral animals and birds have become a part of contemporary decorations. They add colour to the event. Even work as beautiful photobooth. Floral animals like a royal elephant can be a part of the wedding. Floral mamma deer and the baby or a cow and a calf could be a part of baby flower. Floral peacocks, parrots, rabits are also seen vividly. Floral colour combinations and textures add to the magic they make.

Decoration is the most important aspect of any Indian weddings, which make all entire venue look blissful and enchanting. Artistic centerpieces would help to brighten the entire setting. Of all the types centerpieces, floral ones have a special place as flowers add their naturalty with their fresh blossom and fragrance.Unique viewpoint and innovative floral centerpiece make the venue beautiful. They are being part of Indian weddings for quite a good time, and the manner they are added to the decor engulf us completely with their charm. They also make the atmosphere serene, spiritual, spectacular and magnificent.


Floral centerpieces come in different shapes and sizes. There is no limitation in terms of what can be turned into a floral centerpiece. They range from pretty peacocks, fabulous flamingos, gracious giraffes, pleasant parrots, elegant elephants and horses.

Here we’ve have got some charming ideas to inspire you to use floral centerpieces in your decors with utmost perfection and elegance. Have a glance at these cutesy installations and take some inspiration!

We are sure you will love these traditional backdrops with a touch of elegance.

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