Magical Haldi decorations 2021

decor :Nalesabygeethanjali

Here we are presenting you the best of 2021 haldi decors to get you some inspo.


It’s the wedding season in India So let’s take a look at one of the most interesting vibrant Indian wedding ceremonies, the Haldi ceremony and get inspired by some cute haldi decorations.

Decor: Valoreventz_rk

The Haldi ceremony is a ritual holy-bath also called as pithi ceremony, one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Turmeric, oil, water are applied to the bride and groom by married women, the day before the wedding.

The auspiciousness of this ingredient lies in its colour and is believes to bring prosperity to the couple to start off their new life together. It is known by several names in different regions of the country, like ubtan, mandha and tel baan.

This ceremony is even accompanied by traditional songs and dances, and in few od the customs, the bride and groom apply this sacred paste on their unmarried siblings and friends for luck. Such is the significance of the Haldi ceremony. It is believed that haldi has the power to ward off evil spirits from affecting the bride and the groom.


Families do invest in making this ceremony memorable and happy with gorgeous decorations and setups. Here are few of them for you to get inspired and celebrate your Haldi ceremony with great joy.

We are sure you will love these traditional backdrops with a touch of elegance.

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