Mesmerizing floral arch wedding mandap designs .

Decor : Redvelvet

The Hindu tradition may hold a lot of rituals traditions but none of them come without any meaning. It is a central element in wedding decorations. A great mandap design is not just about pleasing aesthectics but also about the meaning behind putting up a canopy with four pillars that marks the auspiciousness of a fruitful married life. Only a selected number of people are allowed in the mandap under it’s canopy .

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There is an interesting story behind the whole concept of a wedding in a mandap .Back in the time rituals, wedding happend within the four walls of their homes with the attendance of close family members..

Decor : Meltingmomentsevent

This is how mandaps came into being mandap having moved out of a traditional home to open ground, wedding halls, beach sides. Hindu weddings have taken grandeur to another level while keeping in touch with the roots.

decor : devikanarrainandcompany
Planner : thecrimsoncircle

In pics you can see the beautiful collaborations of different flowers curates in floral arches. You can see the stunning chandelier adding more elegance to the setup. The mandaps are designed so elegantly with floral of vibrant colours. It makes the air refreshing and chairs brings the royality to the mandap and to the event.

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