A lovely wedding story of Jeet and Anushka.

Jeet & Anushka love art, design, travelling & living a wholesome life. Their story starts from Indus International School, Bangalore. In 10th grade, both of them were class partners, later became friends and then fell in love. For the sake of this friendship they participated in the prom night held at the school, never knowing that this friendship would lead to a lifelong journey of togetherness.

In 11th grade, both of them went to Germany for a student exchange programme. Later Anushka went to London and Jeet went to Los Angeles for higher studies. After completing their higher studies, Anushka went to Dubai & Jeet came back to India. Being in touch all this while, they started sharing their dreams and passion with each other.

Anushka always dreamt of her own art brand and Jeet was very excited to fulfil this dream of Anushka. Both of them started working for this and Paperheads (illustrations based concept design) brand got started. While working for this brand, they started spending a lot of time with each other and this way they got to know each other even more. Later, Paperheads workshop & exhibition took place in Shanghai, Dubai & London. This dream of Anushka reached out to different places in the world and her career life started blooming

Finally in 2019, Jeet expressed his feelings and proposed Anushka in this beautiful place called Naukuchiatal in Nainital. Best friends and great business partners were now going to become life partners. In the book called ‘Life’, their meeting was a ‘Golden Chapter’. Wishing this couple all the love, happiness, success and a beautiful marraiage life.

The entire decoration was just mesmerizing loaded with details in every piece of decor. Enchanting lights, gorgeous flowers, glowing chandeliers, beautiful walkways are catching attention. Lovely couple have graced and increased beauty of the entire venue.

Venue for the Reception : Rajkot, Gujarat.

We believe that these fabulously caught pictures will inspire you.

Decor & Styling : pristinepaigebypurva

Production : poojan_decor

Florals : Budsnroses_bnr

Couple : jeet&anushkha

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