Terracotta In Decor

Add an earthy touch to your decor with traditional Terra cotta

Can we all agree that wedding trends have got us spoiled for choice? Thanks to social media and the bustling creativity of wedding planners, everything about Indian weddings is now as dreamy as ever. Special mention to the designers and decorators who are incorporating Indian Handicrafts into the decor. It certainly adds a lot of character while patronizing craftsmanship.

Decor by Timoniyo

Today on the blog let’s discuss a trending decor element- Terracotta. This summer, Terracotta pots and Pampas grass have been in vogue undoubtedly. The soothing earthy tones and the love for neutral palettes got everyone hooked to all things earthen.  

Terracotta pots as vases by The Episode Co

While the folksy tones are one side of the game, we Indians love color and we’ve got to put our twist on it too. What better way than a terra pot full of Desi marigolds to pep up the decor?

Terracotta vases and Marigold flowers by Celibaze Events

Empty gaint vases and decor props by Atisuto Events

Tabletop terracotta vases, Decor props by Hashtag events

That being said, Here are some tips to incorporate terracotta into your decor 

  1. Ditch the glass vases or table arrangements and swap it for a Terracotta pot with Desi flowers for a homely touch.
  2. Decor elements don’t have to be just ornamental, make them functional!  We like how the earthen pots here are used as Dandiya stick holders.
  3. Use them as serveware/drinkware. Almost everyone these days is drawn towards the traditional lifestyle from the past and we are sure your guests would appreciate the experience.

Terracotta horses, kolam painted properties and vases by DecorbyKrishna

Dandiya Decor with terracotta pots by Amaahyaaj
Terracotta vases in decor by Popular Decorator

Lastly, Brownie points for choosing earth friendly options while promoting local artisans.

We @decorsutra are sure you all love this collection and hope this will help you to have inspiration for your upcoming events.

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