Dhepewada : A hertiage Maratha wada to bring your rustic wedding dreams to life

Photocredits: Rushikesh Hoshing

India is a country with a wide spectrum of cultures and equally fascinating heritage ranging from cuisine to architecture. While it is practically impossible to spotlight all of the regional magnificence, we recently found a gem of a venue which mirrors the glory of the Maratha and we are certainly in awe.

One look at this palatial Wada style home definitely reminds everyone of the famous historical movie Bajirao Mastani. The elevation of this wada itself reveals the time, effort and attention to detail that went into building this.

Weddings in Dhepe Wada- Pune: Photocourtesy Swapnil Jadhav

While every state has its own version for what is called a traditional home, the vibe that these ancestral homes have can be compared to nothing. It gives you a sense of belonging and it’s like finding a little piece of yourself all over again.

When we found Dhepewada, our reaction was something very similar too. The wada style homes are almost a rarity at this age and time and to have such a well maintained venue definitely blew our minds. Located near pune and lonavala, this wedding/event venue is a perfect destination getaway to celebrate your special moments with your friends and family.

Decor by Meraki Events by Swathi
Decor by Swami’s Decorators

We can all agree that the ambience can add a lot of character to your life’s important celebrations and dhepewada doesn’t disappoint. The Aangan is definitely Decorsutra’s favourite part of this place. Traditionally all the home based events were performed in the Aangan, with family seated in the hallways. To be able to recreate the same retro sparkle for your big day is magical!! Also the Dheevan Khana is another ideal part of the property and we could totally imagine having a Mehendi evening or a casual gathering with your family to create some heartwarming memories.

Decor by
Decor by D_Tale_creatrix

There are tons of little details throughout this place which speak for itself. The windows which open up to the majestic ghats of the region, the vintage handmade furnishings, traditional dorms and dining spaces are set up to make your stay a unique experience.

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