Diwali Rangoli Floral Rangoli

Gujarati Rangoli in main stream events by RangRaagRangoli

Gujarati Rangoli in main stream events by RangRaagRangoli

Rangoli is an integral part of Indian Culture. From ancient times, Rangoli has been made with rice powder to feed ants and insects in front of homes. Gujarat rangoli designs are very unique from times immemorial, with free hand drawings in contrast to South-Indian dotted Rangoli designs.

Gujarati Rangoli is called Satiya, meaning Partner. Creativity is the beautiful partner of Gujarati women. Though many women take pride in making such beautiful rangolis, there are very few women, who are taking up rangoli art as profession. Today we are introducing Ms,Gopi Shah , Founder of CEO of RangRaag Rangoli. Her designs are very unique, soothing to the eye and are magnificent in scale. Lets look at some of the beautiful designs of Ms.Shah

Corners for Housewarming decorated so beautifully with Rangoli

RangRaag Rangoli‘s specialty is this Plate-Rangoli where rangolis are made in brass plates and elevated at different heights to bring in amazing aesthetics

Not just on floor, Ms.Gopi loves to make rangolis on any surface…as you can see her beautiful rangoli adored at entrance on Mukhmul -Velvet fabric

Imagine this picture without those beautiful colors of Rangoli and we are sure clients would appreciate the choice of RangRaag Rangoli in event decoration

From making rangolis for petty corners to huge spaces upto 1000sqft, RangRaag Rangoli has proudly demonstrated how well Indian concepts fit in Indian Events.

These Rangoli designs can be customized as per the event. Why wait? Call RangRaag Rangoli team for decorating your steps, corners, outdoor spaces and even pooja rooms with these colorful concepts

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  1. “RangRaag Rangoli” by Ms. Gopi Shah is one of the most beautiful Rangolis one can ever imagine ! Especially the way it’s being done, the swiftness of making such an artistic yet traditional designs & the Ease of making such fabulous creations as per the occasions; IS ONE OF A KIND ~ Simply Unique & God gifted Art of Ms. Gopi !! Bravo..Way to go..God bless Dear. 💝

  2. RangRaag rangoli designs are very ethnic made with perfection and passion. To watch Ms.Gopi doing it , is treat to eyes… so swift and beautiful. All time huge fan of Rang-raag rangoli designs.

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