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Traditional Floral Rangoli Decor ideas

Today, we, your DecorSutra Inspiration blog are here with all our favorite Traditional art form of India- Rangoli. We Indians love to have this Rangoli in all our festivities and it is mandatory for Diwali. But what if we told you, that this rangoli is not just bound to Diwali! Yes! Floral Rangoli designs are now trending in Wedding Decorations.

Floral Rangoli designs across wedding aisles, walkways, the entrance would give a desi look with a trend to the Indian wedding decoration. Here are some fantastic Rangoli designs to go with.

Traditional Poo Kolam by Tip Top Planners

Bright Floral Rangoli Design By Tip Top Planners.

The Entrance with this bunch of pretty petals would be a colorful wonderland for a new beginning. This Ideal Rangoli designed by Tip Top Planners- Chennai & Pondicherry.

Mosaic pattern Rangoli with Urlis by Abhinav Bhagat Events

Colorful Urli Floral Rangoli by Abhinav Bhagat Events.

This is just Awesome! Urlis with petals has done magic creating a mosaic pattern that blocked a large space and given a vibrant look to the entrance. Done by Delhi based Events- Abhinav Bhagat Events.

Beautiful Floral Rangoli by Decor By Krishna

Floral Rangoli By Decor by Krishna.

The beautiful floral rangoli with different hues of color will definitely put on a happy color to our events. Decor by Hyderabad based Events- Decor by Krishna.

Classic circular floral Rangoli by Flora India Designs

Floral rangoli with yellow, white, and pink by Flora India Designs.

This simple and elegant flower rangoli done by Delhi based- Floraindia Designs, is quite impressive and adds festive vibe to the celebrations.

A bed of Marigold petals with pink by Mrudang Events

Marigold Magic by Mrudang Events.

Now, coming to our magical marigold flowers, these flowers would surely give heavenly ambiance when used as rangoli in your wedding aisle as obvious above. Decor by Gujarat based Event Management Company- Mrudang Events.

Floral Rangoli with pure colors by La’kiru The Wedding Planner

Red & white floral rangoli by Lakiru The Wedding Planner

This ultimate combination of red and white is always a HIT! This bright floral rangoli design was done by the Karnataka based Planners- La’kiru-The Wedding Planner, which gives a refreshing vibe to events.

Special Floral artwork by Sakul Intakul

Creative Floral work by Sakul Intakul.

This unique round flower artwork was made from petals of orchids & banana leaves which is originated from Thailand. Designed by Sakul Intakul- Thailand.

Geometric floral rangoli by Altair decor

Attractive Central floral Rangoli by Altair decor.

Worried about big empty spaces at the wedding venue? Yes! then here is the excellent geometric floral rangoli that will pack the space & make your guests feel so awesome & colorful. This rangoli can be incorporated at various places if you wish to go with it. Designed by Altair Decor-Mumbai.

Blissful floral design by Touch aesthetics

Pretty rangoli by Touch Aesthetics.

One more, the epitome of perfection, isn’t it? This rangoli reveals the intricate beauty of floral arrangement that is simply superb. Decor by Kerala based event planner-Touch Aesthetics.

Smart Floral rangoli for Diwali by GreenHouse Florist & Decor

Rangoli with marigolds and white by GreenHouse florist & Decor.

Flowers can create magic and here is the one! Perfect semi-circular floral rangoli designed by Chennai based- GreenHouse Florist and decor, for a perfect celebration could be a WOW!

We @decorsutra are happy to share this Floral rangoli trends in Decors and sure you all love these ideas.

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