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Full Payment for Decorator Upfront: Right or Wrong

Did your decorator/ Event manager asked for upfront payment to confirm and secure their service? What to consider before you make such payment? We are going to answer these common questions in our blog today.

Event and Wedding Industry is Labour Intensive and involves a lot of planning, effort and Money. If Decorators don’t get paid before the event, they say it is next to impossible to get paid the day of the event. They shall be losing their time, effort and money sometimes, as the service of decorator involves perishable flowers.

Do you know what are the top 5 stressful jobs in the world are? The top 5- stressful jobs are

  • Airline pilot
  • Police officer
  • Broadcaster
  • Event Manager/ Decorator
  • News reporter

So coming to the point, How much do you think should be a logical amount of Advance?

Norms in USA and Reputed International Florists like Preston Bailey have suggested to take 100% advance, or full upfront payment at least 3 weeks before the event with a contract signed by both parties.

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Contract must clearly include

  1. Deliverables in detail
  2. Time of Handover
  3. Date of event
  4. Signature of both parties
  5. Cancellation terms

From Vendor point of view: There are good reasons for decorators to require upfront payment to purchase flowers and to arrange labour. Firstly, it’s a big hassle on the day of event to collecting money, on both sides. Secondly, it is harder to get paid after the service is provided, as decorator may feel that client may intentionally show some fault and reduce on the payment.

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From a client’s point of view: What is the guarantee that decorator will show up after they receive full advance? This is the general doubt client has, especially when decorator is booked through online references.

If they are reputable decorators, who are licensed, they will show up! Their reputation is at stake after all!

If you don’t have confidence that your decorator will show up, you might be looking at the wrong person. Look at vendor website, reviews and ask for testimonials. But, given that decorator has a contract for you to sign, they are just doing what is standard, to protect themselves from not getting paid.

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Decorators and Event managers, they dont just work for money, but they are passionate people. They are willing to take all the stress of your event or wedding to make it a memorable one, for both you and them!

Note: Views expressed in this article are personal views of the author.

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