Tuberose Decor Inspiration

Elegant Tuberose Inspiration in Decor

Tuberose Flower Decor Inspiration in various Indian Wedding Decorations.

Tuberose is a popular and crucial flower in any event decoration and is so versatile to use it in any way either for a backdrop, entrance, or a chandelier, etc. It’s known for its fragrance and beauty that adds so much to the decor. So, today we are with all our favorite and elegant tuberose decor inspiration.

Tuberose tassels as hangings

Adorable tuberose hangings are always a hit when used in decor, they literally add life to the garlands or props they are used with. Decor by Abhinav Bhagat Events-Delhi.

Gorgeous floral wall with tuberoses

Decor by FireFlies_Decor

This tuberose full floral wall looks awesome with a dash of pink. It’s is a simple setup but looks beautiful and perfectly suits indoor decor, done by FireFlies Decor-Mumbai.

Entrance with fragrant tuberose

Decor by Ahan_Destination

The Entrance with this tuberose curtain will definitely make that first best impression for your guests, and the banana leaves arch added to the glam. Decor by Mumbai Based Ahan Destination.

Tuberose Chandelier with parrots

Decor by ANDEVI Weddings

Floral Chandeliers are a trend in Indian Weddings these days and this cascading tuberose will make for that magnificent chandelier with the cute parrot motifs. Decor by Andevi Weddings-Delhi.

Breathtaking Tuberose backdrop

Decor by Fairytale Weddings.India

If you’re looking for a pretty stage backdrop with traditional elements, then go with this full floral tuberose wall and the brass lamp hangings. The table adorned with lotus and tuberose also adds that elegance. Decor by Fairytale Weddings-Hyderabad.

Walkway with Floral ceiling

Decor by Dreamz Kraft Weddings

This walkway with white floral ceiling and flower vase installations is so wonderful and chic. Decor by Mumbai based Dream Kraft Weddings.

Heavenly Wedding Mandap Decor

Decor by Kali Kaar Design

Enchanting Wedding Mandap with these endless rows of tuberose creating a wonderful waterfall view. This breathtaking wedding decor was done by Kalikaar Design -Delhi would mesmerize your guests.

Tabletop with tuberose flowers

Decor by Shaddi ka Ladoo

Tabletop with this fresh and fragrant flower will always make for a great choice, done by Shaddi ka Ladoo-Hyderabad.

Floral canopy with tuberose

Decor by Kathmandu Wedding

How about having a backdrop with simple drapes and highlighting the seating area and side stage with such beautiful tuberose canopies. Decor by Kathmandu Wedding-Nepal.

Elegant indoor all-white Wedding Mandap

Decor by The Wedding Co.India

Indian Wedding Mandap Decor with a curtain themed white floral arrangements is a bookmark worth for its soothing appeal. Decor by The Wedding Co. India-Mumbai.

Tuberose ceiling with a hint of red and green

Decor by The.Event.Tale

This floral ceiling at the entrance is so beautifully adorned with pretty flowers and greens by The Event Tale-Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

Outdoor Wedding Mandap decorated with flowers

Decor by Wedniksha

Here we are with another wedding mandap with a white theme which is a dream to the many couples. This white floral mandap with a touch of pink is really gorgeous and overhead tuberose strings are all dreamy. Decor by Wedniksha-Mumbai.

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