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Traditional Urli Inspiration in Decor

Various ways of incorporating traditional brass urlis in Decor.

Urlis have a great history from the past, placing them at home filled with water and flowers is regarded as auspicious which enhances peace at home. They are the symbol of our traditional links with your ancestors. There are some specific traditions that never forget their roots and are immensely valued in our culture. Urli is one among them and is been trending these days in various events.

So, today we are with such a festive topic to give all the inspiration required to incorporate urulis in your decor.

Classic Entrance with brass items

Decor by The Perfect Story.India

Wedding Entrance with such beautiful brass elements and marigolds will make for a perfect welcome for our guests, done by The Perfect Story India-Chennai.

Urli with Marigolds

Decor by Bangalore Crystals

Urlis filled with gorgeous marigolds can be used for corner decor and also make empty spaces look great. Decor by Bangalore Crystals.

Signage Board with Urli

Kochi based Shaadhi Wedding Management has done this simple and elegant welcoming decor with a natural name board and urli.

Pretty Corner decor with Urlis

Decor by Decor by Krishna.

Corners with this heavenly urli decor with vibrant flowers surely transform the space to give a stunning view. Decor by Eco-friendly decorations Decor by Krishna-Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, USA, and Melbourne.

Divinely Wedding Entrance

Decor by Prime Weddings and Events

Urlis can be used to decor the central part of the Wedding Entrance and this entrance with lord Ganesha, lamps, and urlis is so delightful to the eyes. Decor by Prime weddings and events-Kerala.

Colorful Walkway Decor

Decor by Ekaa_Custom Decor

Walkways can also be made traditional and special with these bright marigold arrangements and urli stands. Decor by Hyderabad based Ekaa Custom Decor.

Urlis with Flowers and Lights

Decor by Peonies by Anoli

This urli decor with fresh flowers and floating scented candles will be so refreshing and invigorating and perfectly suits for evening events and Diwali home Decor, done by Ahmedabad based Peonies by Anoli.

Charming Uruli Installations

Here comes the one more idea for the entrance decor by simply placing floral urlis and lamps and also for the elegant central spaces with lord Ganesha and flowers. Decor by Bangalore based Aira Wedding Planners.

Intricately made Urli with Ganeshji

Decor by Crafts n Chisel

Placing this Urlis with beautiful flowers in the decor can add that traditional vibes to the event with Lord’s blessings. Decor by Crafts N Chisel-California.

Exquisite Urlis filled with flowers

How about having this adorable urlis filled with jasmine and marigold in your wedding? Decor by Silhouette Events-New Delhi.

Breathtaking Urli decor with flowers

Vibrant Urlis filled with flowers are becoming mandatory in the house warming ceremony and they also add on the festive vibes to our celebrations. Decor by Bangalore based Nalesa by Geethanjali.

Backdrop with wooden furniture

Decor by Altair Decor

This alluring backdrop wa done by Mumbai based Altair Decor with urli, flowers, and wooden furniture perfectly served as bridal shoot backdrop.

We @decorsutra are sure you love these collections of incorporating traditional brass lamps in decor.

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