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Beautiful Floral Rangoli Ideas for Diwali

Elegant Floral Rangoli Ideas for Diwali Festivity.

Diwali, the most exuberant and significant festival which is celebrated over entire India bringing it together. This festival contains full of excitement and happiness with friends and family. For this festival, all of us love to decorate our homes with pretty lights and flowers at every corner which adds so much of positivity to this festival.

As Diwali is here we bring to you some of the gorgeous floral Rangoli Decor Ideas which we love to do for this festival. So, hurry up and check out this inspiration.

Rangoli with Diyas

Such a beautiful blend of vibrant flowers with such adorable diyas in your home will make your festival vibes a notch higher. So, try these awesome rangoli designs with different flowers and diyas and have a happy festival.

Colorful Floral Rangoli

Here comes a few more eye-catchy rangoli ideas with flowers that will fill your home with happy colors all over.

Entrance with flowers and diyas

Decorating the entrance with diyas is usual but adding up this with floral rangoli will make it look even more special and serene.

Brass Items in Rangoli

Decor by Ohana Fine Events and Decor
Decor by Divya Vithika

Adding brass diyas and urlis with floral rangoli has become a trend these days. They also give a traditional and divine look to the rangoli. So, add your brass items in rangoli it makes it look even more special and great.

We @decorsutra are sure you love this Diwali Rangoli Ideas and wish you celebrate your Diwali with lots of love and happiness.

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