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Colorful Bangles Inspiration in Decor

Ideas for incorporating bangles in Decor.

Today we come up with one more trendsetting topic which is used mostly in baby shower, Haldi, and Mehendi events and it also gives a traditional look to our event it is none other than bangles. We all know that bangles will glam up the bride’s appearance but today we brought you some of the dazzling decor Ideas with bangles that upgrade the beauty of your event to the next level.

Have a look at these collections and save for your upcoming event.

Vibrant Baby shower Backdrops

Very exquisite backdrop incorporating bangles, bells, Eco-friendly parrots, and flowers will give an ideal look for your baby shower occasion. Decor by HD events.

This impressive backdrop is the perfect blend of traditional and advancement¬†with enchanting florals and bangles. Whoa, look at this super cute bangle doll detailing isn’t it beautiful? Decor by Disa Decorations Pvt Ltd.

Basic and delightful are the ideal terms for this lavish indoor background with bright blooms. Creative usage of bangles in garlands by Jo& Co. by Jyothi Varma.

Pretty Bridal Shower Setups

This is simply awful, isn’t it? This purple and dark mixed background gives an enchanted appearance for your indoor event. The decor was done by YellowThread Eventz.

Photography: Clique Studio.

Take a gander at this exceptional backdrop with an excellent red bloom design at focus with green foundation and adding up of bangles is more eye-catching.

This fascinating backdrop arrangement has been done by 3 Production Wedding planners by placing hued bangles at the center columns and bells at the corners.

Choora Ceremony

Stunning! Astounding inventiveness for a Choora Ceremony done by Dewdrop design studio by making a customary vehicle into a phenomenal enhancement with perfect turmeric hued florals with bangles over it.

Mehendi with Bangles

SukhmaniSarin- Eventree Weddings have done this colorful bangle backdrop with a respectable light impact for your Mehendi which will make your occasion more elegant.

Creative Photobooth Decor

If you’re looking for a minimalistic and quirky backdrop for your photo booth then undoubtedly you can go with this charming backdrop with a unique florals arrangement. The decor was done by YourWay events.

Mantra events have done this stunning photobooth with splashy bangles to enhance the magnificence in your pictures.

Saree Ceremony Backdrop with Bangles

Coming to this innovative usage of bangles in a backdrop done by Havish Artistry by these florals arrangement with green background has just nailed that wow factor in it.

Make your events even more gorgeous with these bangles inspirational setups.

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