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Charming Floral Net in Decor

Use of beautiful floral nets in Decor.

Florals Nets which are made so intricately give an elegant yet classy look where ever they are used and are a trend these days for their versatile nature that suits all occasions. Most of us desire to include these charming nets in our decor, so this collection will help you to figure it out and gives great inspiration.

Here are so many ways of floral net usage as a backdrop, for entrance decor, for a bridal entry and they also act as an adorable detailing.

Detailing with floral nets

Here comes the Floral Jaali or net giving an excellent sight when they are used in decorating such fine details in the decor. They can be used as a floor mat, adorning metal items and even the Pots were specially created that gave an appeal of Jaali work and decorated with foliage. These nets blend beautifully complementing each other.

Beautiful Floral Net as the main Decor Element

Here Floral Nets gorgeously adorning the Wedding mandap pillars with yellow hues.

These triangular nets definitely give a classy yet chic look for your Wedding Mandap.

This one will leave you awestruck and could be a dreamy backdrop for your bridal shower.

How stupendous is this floral net canopy for a saree ceremony!

Pretty floral net arrangements for an intimate celebration at home coupled with beautiful garlands.

Gorgeous backdrop setup for your little one’s celebration.

Decor: RVR Events

A touch of contemporary to a super traditional decor for a bridal shower.

A perfect full floral net backdrop that can be used as a photo booth.

Decor: Shraddha Bihan,i Infrastructure: Taluka Tent Decorator, Florals: Fragrance Flowerz, Lights : Pankaj light designing

Outstanding Royal backdrop made delicately for a reception under the starry night which was straight out a fairy tale.

Dreamy Bridal Entry

Every bride dreams of a special entry on her big day and this one with Flower Jaali surely makes for an ideal entry.

Delightful Entrances

Adding up floral nets in the entrance will bring an adorable yet modish look to the decor.

Cute Floral Elephants with Nets

Decor: RVR Events
Decor: Decor Ivy

Floral Elephants have become chic in Indian Weddings and adorning them with floral nets provides an ambiance that gives out a soothing and calming vibe that stands out, shines out and becomes memorable.

We are sure you all love this idea of using floral nets in your decor that adds so much grace to the decor.

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