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Terracotta decor Inspiration

Some of the Decor Ideas for Incorporating terracotta in decor.

Today, we brought to you one of the beautiful props that bring so many positive vibes when used in the decor. The Terracotta cots can be used as the table tops, corner decor, photo booth, entrance, etc, which suits all kinds of events and adds a vintage and happy feel to your celebrations.

Here, are a few ideas to incorporate his special prop in your decor, so, let’s have a glance at this pretty decor inspiration.

Adorable Photobooth

How elegant is this photo booth set up with beautiful pots and bricks arrangement! Make my Day Weddings & Events have done this Decor.

Traditional Setup with all things pretty

This setup with a melange of flowers, greens and Kalash brings traditional vibes adding to the glam of this decor by Anjali Jhunjhunwali.

Marigolds with pots for a corner decor

Fabulous and homely corner setup that surely makes you feel awesome. Try this simple setup done by Designer Events Inc. in your events.

Pretty Walkway

Walkways with this gorgeous marigold rangoli and matkas creating a perfect entry passageway. The simplicity of this design is what makes it so unique!

Desi Vibes For Mehendi

Installing such alluring florals with pots at your Mehendi will grab the attention of your guests and will act as a perfect photo booth.

Elegant Detailing

Terracotta pots can be arranged in many creative ways as above, they’ll definitely give a smarter look for all occasions especially for festivities.

Traditional Entrance Setup

The eye-catchy interplay of vibrant flowers and pots make the entrance look super cool. Decor by Fire Flies Decor-Mumbai.

Fabulous Setting

Such amazing setups in our events will surely bring refreshing vibes to the entire celebration., decor by Tipsindia.

Attractive Matkas Arrangement

If you’re looking for something vintage and impressive for entrance then these pots with brass can work well. The Event Yarn has done this decor.

Simple setup

These pots with floral garlands by Feelings Events and Decor can also be used which gives a decent look for the occasion.

Cool Walkway with Terracotta

Walkway decor with various terracotta items brilliantly arranged over the steps gives a warm welcome and also beautiful shots. Beautiful decor by The Episode Co.

Alluring corner setup

These kinds of setups with flowers will give special vibes when used in decor and can be used in most of the empty spaces.

Picturesque rangoli

Rangoli is sure in most of the Indian Festivities which marks the tradition and happiness, and this rangoli by Meghaa Flower box with vibrant florals and matkas dropping garlands is just superb.

We @decorsutra are sure you all love this collection and hope this will help you to have inspiration for your upcoming events.

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