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Coimbatore based UTSAV’S Wedding Planners: Interview Series

An Interview Series of Coimbatore based- UTSAV'S Wedding Planners.

One more interview series coming up to inspire you with their constant hard work and dedication.

Yes! We are with one of the Coimbatore-based, most beautiful wedding Planners and designers: UTSAV. Mithilesh Kotraivel, the founder, who was very passionate about making his career remarkable, created this world of weddings. His experience in the Art Direction was his great blessing to the success in this Industry.

Let’s not wait and check out UTSAV’S story in their own words.

Your name and Company name, Social media links:

Name: UTSAV’S Wedding Planners. Founder: Mithilesh Kotraivel Instagram: UTSAV’S Wedding Planners

Founder: Mithilesh Kotraivel

What made you choose Event management as your career:

It is through curiosity as a child and looking at opportunities in new ways as a young adult that I’ve mapped my path in this career. Battling through my fair share of struggles during my childhood, I strived to achieve something that would leave a mark in the world. If I was going to leave a mark why not make that mark something beautiful. Prior experience in the field of art direction gave me a framework in design. Creating beautiful spaces elevates emotions and enhances a story. This led me to make my debut in the Wedding Industry.

How long have you been in business:

Utsav’s has been committed to curating beautiful weddings since 2015. During the past 5 years, we’ve been blessed with the most amazing clients that we will treasure for a lifetime. The trust they bestowed gave us the motto that real service cannot be bought or measured with money, but through sincerity and integrity in every work that we do.

Services you offer and Specializations:

UTSAV specializes in bespoke design, production, and planning of unforgettable events. We create awe-inspiring decor that are tailored to each client, by spending a considerable amount of time listening to and getting to know each of our clients. We design dream decor and work for months to make that a reality.

What was the most unique wedding you have ever planned:

During the lock-down, we curated an intimate English-style outdoor reception venue adjacent to the ancestral temple where the wedding was held. Unexpectedly rain poured until 4 am. The guests were to arrive at 5 am. Our team work relentlessly enjoying in the rain and at the nick of time, it stopped pouring. We transformed the barren land into a piece of paradise. If it rains on your wedding day, you’re really lucky. It signifies that Mother Nature showers her blessing.

What do you do differently than other companies:

Our most coveting business secret is that we calculate satisfied clients and smiles and not profits and turnovers. Making dream weddings come true is our number one priority. New concepts, out of the box ideas and quality output is what makes UTSAV’S what is it today. Unconventional and ingenious design combined with flawless work ethics is what makes UTSAV’s Unique.

As Wedding and Event Business is seasonal, what do you do in Off-season:

Traveling to new places, like every couple that needs a break to re-energize and rejuvenate themselves after their wedding, we need a break from the sleepless nights, Impromptu scope of work and meeting deadlines. Traveling also inspires us to create art in a way like never before. I would say that travel has inspired me by removing any limitations I might put on myself and showing me I can create anything I want.

How do you stay motivates when things go wrong. How do you manage stress.

My key to dealing with stress is simple. Just be calm and stay focused. Despite devoting countless hours planning every detail of the wedding festivities, we will never be able to control every single aspect of how it will unfold. If you’re working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision Pulls you.

Are there any event types you find particularly interesting and excited to plan:

We love transforming spaces, as if stepping into another world. We try to go beyond our expectation with new and fresh ideas. The constant quest for exploring new direction in technology combined with artistic curiosity drives the ethos behind our work. We strive to create unparalled work of art and exquisite experiences exploring advances technology in weddings.

Credits: UTSAV’S Wedding Planners

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