Contemporary Haldi/Mehendi decoration ideas.

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Haldi and mehendi are a key part of Indian wedding celebration, uniting both the families in joy and happiness. Traditional decorations have been an integral part of these occasions. But paving a way to change in the style of decorations for haldi and mehendi events, these contemporary decorations will make the events more colourful, meaningful, blissful and joyous to the bride, groom as well as the spectators.

Look at these artistic, innovative, colourful and creative latest decoration inspiration ideas posted to ignite you, to make your events more blissful.The most colourful ceremony of Indian weddings is the haldi ceremony.

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A unique Boho themed decor for a perfect evening haldi ceremony.


A classic photobooth as part of haldi or any wedding decor is definitely blissful.


A colourful and minimalistic decor for a grand occasion of haldi.


A quirky bridal seating for an evening event is is worth trying.


Who said a haldi decor should only be yellow themed? Look at this colourful one.


Look at this elegant haldi station with a backdrop of mandalas and flowers with lamps and pampagrass.. it’s worth exploring these ideas.


A creative, bright and cheerful haldi decor is an real inspiration.


A homely and intimate space for a beautiful haldi ceremony is definitely an inspiration.


We are sure you will love these traditional backdrops with a touch of elegance.

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