Creative Elephant centerpiece decor inspiration.


Decoration is the most important aspect of any Indian weddings, which is being done in many creative and beautiful ways to make the venue look all pretty.Stunning installations and floral elements help to brighten up the entire setting. And elephants are the most interesting installations that catch the eyes of the spectators.


A unique viewpoint and innovative elephant centerpiece for making the venue beautiful. They are being part of Indian weddings for quite a good time, and the manner they are added to the decor is engulfing us completely with their charm. These elephants are incorporated as part of the occasions in various sizes and umpteen ways. They also make the atmosphere serene, spiritual, spectacular and magnificent.


Here we’ve have got some charming ideas to inspire you to use elephants in your decors with utmost perfection and elegance. Have a glance at these cutesy installations and take some inspiration! Elephants are usually created out of flowers that makes them even more stunning as the beautiful flowers add a refreshing sense of colour to the setting of the entire venue and adding royalty. Elephants can also be adorned with mirror work to perfectly complement the wedding decor with all that bling.


You can add elephants as the adorable table centerpieces. They will look cute and add a perfect blend of auspiciousness and spirituality to the décor. What do you say about these elephant décor ideas? These definitely inspire you to incorporate floral elephant as part of your auspicious occasions.

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marigoldwedding planner

We are sure you’ll love these collections of enchanting setups.

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